Detect Everything

No matter how small

Exterior damage

Advanced damage detection processes made possible by combining hardware, digital inspections, telematics data and a sprinkle of AI.

Smoke Detection

Puff. Puff.

Detect the percentage of any smoke particle in the air, at any time. Cross referenced with speed & location.

Harsh Driving Detection

Drive it like
a rental

Harsh acceleration & breaking are tracked, so customers pay for wear & tear, not you.

External Damage


Bumps, dents & scratches are always detected using a combination of Digital Inspection and signals from Bosch Ridecare.

Industry standard tech. Bought to life.

Hardware Detection

Bosch Ridecare is always on & detects smoke, harsh-driving & impact

Digital Inspection

Photos before and after each rental make tracking down damage & attributing it a breeze.

Repair Estimates

Get accurate & fair damage estimates in hours, not days, with smart damage management

Exterior damage

No matter what happens, we've got you covered.

Fee Pull-ins

Click Click.

Easily reconcile your costs for things like smoke detection or harsh driving

Damage Reports


Clear, legally defendable reports showing what happened when.


Make sure your customers are covered.

Use your own insurance provider or connect with ours. Either way, you have complete control over the insurance offers to your users. When something does go wrong, everyone is covered.

Damage Detection is just a small part of ANYMOVE OS

3.3x faster rentals through automation
24/7 service through access via app
Effortless integration into existing systems